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Grease Trap Pumping Service in Marshall County, MS

A-1 Septic Tank & Drain Services, LLC proudly offers grease trap pumping in Marshall County, MS. Commercial and restaurant properties all require grease trap pumping. We are here for businesses in the food industry when they need to schedule regular grease trap cleanings.

Drainage System

Finding the Best Grease Trap Pumping Company

It’s always a good idea to read reviews and conduct research when you are looking for a company to clean out your grease traps. You don’t want to end up with a below-average company. Finding a reputable company to pump grease traps is important. With A-1 Septic Tank & Drain Services, LLC, your search is over. Our impeccable team performs an exceptional job the first time around. We produce excellent results with budget-friendly services, and our diligent workers only believe in high-quality work.

What is Grease Trap Pumping?

A grease trap cuts off oil and grease from wastewater in kitchens before the water gets to the sewer lines. Oil and grease are not as dense as water, so they float on top of the water. A grease trap contains several baffles that catch the grease and prevent it from entering the sewer system. When the grease buildup gets too thick, you will need to clean it out. The main goal of regular grease trap pumping is to keep the work environment clean and healthy for your employees, and it will keep your customers happy and satisfied.

How Often Should You Clean Out a Grease Trap?

The grease will cause a serious buildup in the tank if we do not regularly pump the trap. Clogs and backups are a common problem at restaurants that don’t stay on top of pumping tasks. Depending on how busy your business is, you should clean your grease traps every month. The frequency depends on your grease trap’s size and usage. By properly maintaining your grease trap, you will prevent horrible odors, backups & drainage issues, and potentially avoid fines and other disciplinary actions. Here are the different types of commercial grease traps:

  • Automatic oil and grease cleaning systems
  • Pre-cast, big concrete gravity grease interceptors
  • Grease traps, or small passive hydro-mechanical grease interceptors

A-1 Septic Tank & Drain Services, LLC’s Reputation

We have worked extremely hard to get to where we are today, and we continue our commitment to stellar service. A-1 Septic Tank & Drain Services, LLC, we take pride in our reputation and believe it speaks for itself. We believe in building trust with our clients and having open communication with them. Our goal is to ensure our customers are extremely happy with their experience and results. We have a long history of satisfied customers, and we intend to keep that legacy going well into the future.

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